Computers and Networking

Networking Quizzes

Ultra Starfield - Free starfield simulator program

How To Rip DVDs

Hide and Protect Paypal Digital Downloads using PHP

How To Change Thunderbird Email Servers

Thunderbird Email Migration Guide (to a new email server)

Desktop Wallpaper Images (free, no watermarks)

Firearms and Marksmanship

Ruger SP-101 Trigger Job Guide

Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle Restoration

Benelli Nova Disassembly Guide

Rifle Round Reloading Guide

Scope Adjustment Calculator

SP101 Custom Wood Grip Guide

Target Log Program (runs in your browser)

Ammo Can Stencil


Router Table Fence with Micro-Adjustment

Table Saw Cross Cut Sled 5 Cut Method Setup Guide

Loaded Dice Construction Plans and Statistical Results

Government and Economics

Junk Silver Guide

Live Silver Spot Prices

Government Comparison

My Experience with APMEX

My Experience with Midwest Bullion Exchange

Communism Quiz

History of Hyperinflation

Guitar And Music

Ambassador Bass Guitar Speaker

Ibanez TMB100 Wiring Schematic

Ibanez TMB30 Specifications

TC Electronic Corona Chorus Manual (PDF)

Ashly DPX-100 Graphic Equalizer Compressor/Limiter Operating Manual (PDF)

Korg DTR-2 Tuner Manual (PDF) Note - This file is my personal copy only for my personal use. It is not intended for sharing or mass-producing.

BPM (Beats Per Minute) Meter (runs in your browser)

Emergency Preparedness

Guide to Emergency Preparedness

How to Fill Mylar Bags

Water Purification with Calcium Hypochlorite


Nikola Tesla's Autobiography - My Inventions

Island Packet 38 Manual (PDF)

Seminole Hills Plantation (ghost town in NW FL)

Is Google Racist? (you may be surprised)

Electric Smoker Mailbox Mod

jQuery Ripple Demo

Slap Bet Countdown (How I Met Your Mother)

How to Brew Hard Apple Cider

Watersound Trail Map

Better Minds Psychology is a SCAM!

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