How To Change Thunderbird Email Servers

ver 3.1


(Step 1) Don't panic! It's pretty easy.

There are only two sections you need to update: the SMTP server and the IMAP server. I've divided up the process into little tiny baby-steps.

If you get stuck, just call, text or email me.

I've updated email account settings on my computer, Cindy's computer and Cindy's phone – and they all work!

Setup The New Email Server Settings...

Step 2) Remember step 1 is don't panic. Click on your email account name. Note - your Thunderbird window may look a little bit different than these images.


Step 3) Click on "View settings for this account".


Step 4) In the “Account Settings” window, the column on the left side (under your email account names) you will see “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”. Click on it.


Step 5) You'll see a list of email accounts that you're using. Select the email account you're editing and click on the “Edit...” button.


Step 6) A little window will pop-up. Enter or select the following information:

Click the OK button.


Step 7) Click on "Server Settings" under your email account name (refer to image below). Enter or select the following information:

Click the OK button to complete the new server settings.


That's it!!!

Testing and stuff

The first time you open your inbox after switching to the new server, all your emails may be set as "unread". You can set them all to "read" by selecting one email, then holding shift and hitting the “c” key.

You may get an “Add Security Exception” window that comes up. If so, click the “Confirm Security Exception” button.

You may get a pop-up asking for your password. Make sure the “Remember my password” thing is checked.

It's a good idea to send yourself a little test email from some other account (gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, etc.) It should only take a couple minutes for the email to come through, but it may take up to 15-20 minutes.

Connection Settings (for your reference)

These connection settings can be used to setup email on phones and stuff:

Using Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended)

If you have to choose between SSL or TLS, try SSL first.
If it doesn't work, change the Incoming and Outgoing Server names to

Using Non-secure Settings (NOT Recommended, use this if the secure settings above don't work)

Contact Me

Please contact me if you experience any issues or have any questions.

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