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You can learn how to build your own Tesla coil by visiting The Tesla Coil Design, Construction and Operation Guide.

If you're going to build a Tesla coil, save yourself a lot of work by using TeslaMap - Tesla Coil Design Program.

You can find the original Electrical Experimenters Magazines archived at

This page at has My Inventions in different formats, including PDF.

You can find more information about My Inventions on the My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla wikipedia page.


I colorized these pictures using GIMP. You may use them however you wish. However, please do not "hot link" or link directly to these files. Link to this page instead (

Nikola Tesla

Tesla circa 1893 (about 37 years old). Photograph by Napoleon Sarony.

Nikola Tesla Lab

Tesla in his Colorado Springs laboratory. Tesla did not actually sit next to his Tesla coils, this is a double exposure photo. It's available in the following dimensions:

Nikola Tesla Lab

Tesla circa 1896 (about 40 years old).

Nikola Tesla Turbines

Tesla and hydroelectric turbines. (Simulated image.)

Nikola Tesla working at desk

Tesla working at his desk. (Simulated image.)

Nikola Tesla Wardenclyffe

Tesla at Wardenclyffe tower circa 1902. (Simulated image.)

Nikola Tesla Time Cover

Time Magazine cover honoring Tesla's 75th birthday.

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